4 Pack – Commercial Electric 5 in. and 6 in. White Recessed LED Light. Really nice bulbs for a nice price. 90 CRI. Be sure to get the 2700K color temperature.

CREE warm white 2700K recessed light retrofit kit. Elegant solution for leaky & tough to seal recessed lights. Replaces the bulb and the trim ring. The bulbs themselves save a ton of energy, and if you caulk them they create an air seal. You don’t have to go in the attic. They should last for 20+ years. Look for 2700K color temperature if you want the light to be like it was. They’re $20 at big boxes. I’ve had good luck with Cree products.

LED Vintage Style Bulb. Dimmable 60 watt replacement.  I thought these were a joke at first. They look very good if you like the Edison look, very warm, almost red light (2200 Kelvin vs. normal incandescents at 2700K.) 

GE BrightStik LED bulbs. 9 watts replace 60 watt bulbs. They’re down to about $2 each. A few years ago an equivalent bulb was $10-15! These are good all purpose bulbs for lamps, closets, etc. Not dimmable, only on/off. I have a bunch of these, they were about $3 each, now they’re under $2! You probably have more mundane bulbs than you realize, this is a good option.

Hyperikon MR16 LED 7-watt (50-Watt Replacement), 2300K, CRI90+, 430lm, SpotLight Bulb, Dimmable. 2300 Kelvin is very warm. These are typically for track lighting. I bought them for my house, their color is excellent and they are very bright. You can upsize the brightness, my light fixture was limited to 20 watt bulbs, this has a 50 watt equivalent output. My basement is finally bright! Here is my photo album of changing them.


La Farah 1.2W G4 LED 12V AC/DC Bi-Pin Light Bulb 2700K Warm White Dimmable Waterproof T3 G4. 10 watt replacement, they are slightly dimmer. I bought these for a bunch of Ikea lights in my house. The color is decent, but not great. A bit cooler than incandescent. There is no Color Rendering Index on them, which usually means it’s crappy. I couldn’t find any bulbs this size that had a rating. Energy usage from our breakfast area light went from 120 watts to 9. Worth buying, but I’m watching for new and improved versions.


Cree LED dimmable 60 watt replacement bulbs. They use 11 watts. I’ve had good luck with Cree, I have 6 of these in the chandelier in my dining room. Nice bulbs. They look like an old school bulb, which can be helpful for switching them without your spouse noticing…