Basement window well. Don’t let your basement windows be below grade. Install one of these along with a cover. Lots of damp basements have a major root cause in leaky window wells.

WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System with Audible Alarm. This is a back up sump pump only, no main pump. Keeping water out of your home is the first task in Home Performance. If the power goes out during a storm (and when does the power usually go out?), your basement could flood. If you have a sump pump, please add one of these.

WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V 1/2 HP Primary and Battery Backup Combination Sump Pump System. The whole enchilada with main sump pump and backup. We strongly recommend these if you have a sump pump so that your basement can stay dry, even during a power outage. 

Basement window well cover. A bit sturdier than the clear plastic one.

Basement window well cover. Keep water out of your basement window wells as much as possible. This is one option.

This downspout adapter is here as a placeholder. If your gutters are overwhelmed, upgrading to 6″ downspouts could help prevent water from coming into your basement. Be sure to drain the water at least 6 feet away from the foundation, too.

Top Soil Natural Premium 40lb. Plain old dirt.  If you have low spots around your house, fill them in with dirt. Less water will get stuck against your foundation, and basement or crawlspace dampness issues are likely to improve. Try it before spending $3,000 – $30,000 on basement waterproofing. Don’t buy this here for crying out loud, the shipping is twice the cost of the bag. It’s just here for illustration purposes.