Joe Lstiburek (pronounced stee-brik) is the modern day father of Building Science. All of his work is tested in the field, he actually goes and sees things that break and figures out why. He has other books on other climates as well. Be sure to check out too for great free info.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get something to catch on, read this book. Very good thinking. Another of my favorites.

Jigar Shah was cofounder of Sun Edison and invented the solar lease. Leasing, or “no-money-down”  was foundational to solar power taking off in the US. This is his treatise on how to find other business opportunities doing similar things. He says that business models are more important than products. I agree.

Relationships are challenging, particularly with our spouses. My wife and I find this book very helpful, whenever we speak the other’s language (hers is acts of service, mine is words of affirmation), things are smoother in our house. Highly recommended. And yes, completely outside of Home Performance.

Measured Home Performance taught me a ton. It talks about how only serious projects deliver serious results and how to get them. The people in this book have influenced Energy Smart’s thinking a great deal. If you’re a pro, this should be on your bookshelf. It’s pretty good for homeowners too.

This is an amazing and eye opening book. If you have allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, read this book. It’s not especially scary and is very practical. A word of caution, though, Jeff solves spot problems rather than changing how the house actually operates, keep that in mind.

Residential Energy by John Krigger. If you read my Home Comfort Book and want even more nitty gritty, this is the textbook I learned from. It’s a 201/301 level book in general.

If you are in the Home Performance world, this should be on your bookshelf. This is one of my all time favorite books. More aimed at pros who predict what will happen like we do, it talks about the skills needed to make accurate predictions of complicated things. Stunning thinking. 

Be careful with this one, it will keep you up thinking. Don’t read it right before bed.  This great book talks about affecting change when you’re short on time and money. Really good thinking.


Water in Buildings by Bill Rose. This is a fairly advanced book, but still readable for an interested homeowner trying to diagnose a problem. Rose really digs in, so be ready to go down the rabbit hole.

Residential Ventilation Handbook by Paul Raymer. If you want 201 and up for bath fans and fresh air ventilation, this is the book to buy.