The Process



We’ve spent a ton of time writing helpful articles and free downloadable ebook chapters.



During an initial consultation we help you to define the problems, goals and budget for your project.



We complete a thorough audit of your home, then make detailed plans that offer a range of solutions from budget to the full enchilada.



We help manage contractors and push for the highest standards, so you get results. Then we follow up to make sure you got them.

What’s Involved in an Initial Consultation?

You’re on Step 2: Define. You already read up and saw that we solve problems like yours. Now it’s time to get an initial consultation.

Think of an initial consult like the first trip to the doctor you’ve had in 15 years. The doctor wants to get to know you a bit, find out your medical history, talk a bit about what brought you in, and run a few tests to determine which direction the treatment will take. Our initial consults are very similar, only for your home.

Here’s how an initial consultation flows:

  • Basic Building Science – We’ll bring you and your significant other up to speed on how the physics of your home work. Our solutions are all based on Building Science.
  • What’s Bugging You? Together, we make a list of all the things that bother you about your home that we might be able to help with. There are probably some you haven’t thought about, like less dusting.
  • History – What has been done to your home in the past and by you? 
  • Testing – This is the fun part!
    • Blower Door Test – A blower door measures how much your home leaks. Air leakage is at the root of most complaints we solve.
    • Zonal Pressure Diagnostics – A fancy term for finding out which rooms leak the most, so we know where to focus our efforts later. 
    • Infrared Testing – (Weather dependent.) With the blower door running, air leaks can’t hide. We’ll find many of the specific places your home leaks. See examples in this photo album.
  • Prioritize Problems – Now that we know more about your home, how much does each problem bother you? We rank them.
  • What’s Next? Now that we have an idea of the direction the solution will take, we’ll walk you through our process. Then we’ll decide if it makes sense to start the planning process.

Be sure to check out our Google reviews and case studies so you can see how others felt about the experience of working with Energy Smart.

It’s very important that both you and your significant other are there. We find much better results come from working together.

Initial consults cost $329-$399. We charge more for evenings and weekends. Get a $49 discount by filling out this form:

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