• Recessed Lights Suck – A Love/Hate Relationship

    High hats, can lights, recessed lights, pot lights, there are a lot of words for the same thing. Demystifying Jargon: Recessed lights are lights that poke up into your ceiling, rather than hanging below it. Whatever you call them, they have one thing in common. They all SUCK! Or blow, technically. Depending on whether the […]

  • Basement water issues

    Ever been to LA? Mexico City? Delhi? Any other gross city with lots of smog, trash, and/or numbers 1 & 2? That air is probably better than the air in your house. Yuck! Time to put on my energy auditor hat. (I am a BPI Building Analyst, after all, just like the guys in the […]

  • E.T. Phone Home

    First off, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with insulation or energy efficiency. It just cracks me up. I’m still not quite sure what the antenna looking thing is next to the TV, but there you go.  Kids with an overactive imagination and knowledge of Steven Spieberg movies? What’s your explanation?

  • Hello World – Blah, Blah, Blah

    Great, another blog. Who the heck cares? And about insulation? That’s even more boring than insurance! Or is it? Ask yourself these questions: 1. Do you lie awake at night on hot summer days because you’re sweating in bed? 2. Do your kids (or you) camp in the basement because it’s cooler in the summer? […]